Garofano Blu Dinner plate

$ 1,175.00

The Garofano Blu motif is considered a typical decoration in Imola ceramic production, even if it is a more recent creation, originating in the 1940s-1950s.

It was the architect Gio Ponti who, searching for something new, linked the traditional Garofano motif, generally created in polychrome, to a simple yet effective reproduction, using just three shades of blue.

While retaining the classic line, the result was undoubtedly one of elegance and modernity.

A motif inspired by Chinese decorations, derived from artefacts produced at the Ferniani Factory in Faenza, it was reproduced in Imola in the XVIII century. The colour range is bright and extensive, and features lively yet delicate lines.

A more classic style decoration linked to the tradition of local productions, it makes its mark even further afield, thanks to its originality.

Product Details: Dinner plate
Size: 28 cm
Material: Ceramic
Country of Origin: Italy
Care Instructions: Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use.

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